IFS Charting Station Standard Edition

A powerful (end of day) stock charting system


Absolutely Free
Multi-screen end-of-day stock charting software
7 chart types (Candle, Point & Figure, Renko, Kagi, Heikin-Ashi, Line, High-Low)
16 drawing tools (Fibonacci tools, Gann tools, Channels, Andrew's Pitchfork, Text, Basic Shapes)
70+ indicators and chart transformations
Access 3 free stock data providers (Yahoo!, Google, MSN Money)
Load custom Comma Separated Value (CSV) files
Multi-platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Use from your desktop or web browser


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International Financial Systems (Australia); delivering world-class stock charting


Customizable Charts

Candle Charts
OHLC Charts
Line Charts
High Low Charts
Heikin-Ashi Charts
Point & Figure charts
Renko charts

Drawing Tools

Andrew's Pitchfork
Gann Fan
Fibonacci Fan
Fibonacci Time Extensions
Fibonacci Arcs
Fibonacci Retracements
Lines (arcs, horizontal, vertical)
Standard deviation Channels
Standard error Channels
Raff Channels

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76 Indicators (Complete List)
Comprehensive indicator manager
Momentum Indicators
Volume indicators
Cycle indicators
Volatility Indicators
Overlap indicators
Statistical functions
Price transformations
Maths operator indicators
Maths transformations

Flexible Data Loading

Free web based data providers
Yahoo Finance
MSN Money Central
Google Finance


Indicator Library

a1-day Rate-Of-Change (ROC) of a Triple Smooth EMA
aAbsolute Price Oscillator
aAll Moving Average
aAroon Oscillator
aAverage Directional Movement Index
aAverage Directional Movement Index Rating
aAverage Price
aAverage True Range
aBalance Of Power
aBollinger Bands
aChaikin A/D Line
aChaikin A/D Oscillator
aChande Momentum Oscillator
aCommodity Channel Index
aDirectional Movement Index
aDouble Exponential Moving Average
aExponential Moving Average
aHighest value over a specified period
aHilbert Transform - Dominant Cycle Period
aHilbert Transform - Dominant Cycle Phase
aHilbert Transform - Instantaneous Trendline
aHilbert Transform - Phasor Components
aHilbert Transform - SineWave
aHilbert Transform - Trend vs Cycle Mode
aIndex of highest value over a specified period
aIndex of lowest value over a specified period
aIndexes of lowest and highest values over a specified period
aKaufman Adaptive Moving Average
aLinear Regression
aLinear Regression Angle
aLinear Regression Intercept
aLinear Regression Slope
aLowest and highest values over a specified period
aLowest value over a specified period
aMedian Price
aMESA Adaptive Moving Average
aMidPoint over period
aMidpoint Price over period
aMinus Directional Indicator
aMinus Directional Movement
aMoney Flow Index
aMoving Average Convergence/Divergence
aNormalized Average True Range
aOn Balance Volume
aParabolic SAR
aParabolic SAR - Extended
aPercentage Price Oscillator
aPlus Directional Indicator
aPlus Directional Movement
aRate of change : ((price/prevPrice)-1)*100
aRate of change Percentage: (price-prevPrice)/prevPrice
aRate of change ratio 100 scale: (price/prevPrice)*100
aRate of change ratio: (price/prevPrice)
aRelative Strength Index
aSimple Moving Average
aStandard Deviation
aStochastic Fast
aStochastic Relative Strength Index
aTime Series Forecast
aTriangular Moving Average
aTriple Exponential Moving Average
aTrue Range
aTypical Price
aUltimate Oscillator
aVector Arithmetic Add
aVector Arithmetic Div
aVector Arithmetic Mult
aVector Arithmetic Subtraction
aWeighted Close Price
aWeighted Moving Average
aWilliams' %R


  • IFS Charting Station is a powerful charting and technical analysis system for financial instruments. It is useable in an extensive range of markets.